This is a list of research papers I have published:

Graeme A Forbes (forthcoming). The 2D Past. In Kasia Jaszczolt (ed.) Understanding Human Time Oxford: Oxford University Press

Graeme A Forbes and Nathan Wildman (2022) Enduring Senses. Synthese 200 Article number: 291
R.A. Briggs and Graeme A Forbes (2019) The Future, and What Might Have Been. Philosophical Studies 176 (2):505-532

R.A. Briggs & Graeme A. Forbes (2017). The Growing Block: Just one thing after another. Philosophical Studies 174 (4):927-943

Graeme A. Forbes (2016). The Growing Block’s Past Problems. Philosophical Studies 173 (3):699-709.

Graeme A. Forbes (2015). Accounting for Experiences as of Passage: Why Topology Isn’t Enough. Topoi 34 (1):187-194.

R.A. Briggs & Graeme A. Forbes (2012). The Real Truth About the Unreal Future. In Karen Bennett & Dean Zimmerman (eds.), Oxford Studies in Metaphysics, volume 7, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Here is work for a popular audience I have written:

Graeme A Forbes (2018) ‘why a 10,000 year clock is being built under a mountain and why 10,000 years is too long’ in The Conversation March 1, 2018 10.56am GMT

Graeme A Forbes (2017) ‘Are we in a simulation?’ in The Philosophers’ Magazine 78(3):10-13