Outreach and Public Engagement

I think it is part of my duty as a philosopher to be a public philosopher.

Public Engagement
I have acted as a consultant for Theatre Re on their productions BIRTH and Bluebelle. BIRTH was the Best Theatre Show of the Edinburgh Fringe 2019 according to Theatre Weekly. Bluebelle premiered in January 2022. More collaboration with Theatre RE: is planned in future.
I have appeared as a guest on some podcasts: Philosophy Takes on the News (S1:Ep.2, Ep.5 and Ep.11, S2:Ep1 Ep2),
Living Philosophy (S1:Ep22), and Philosophy and What Matters (Ep 4).
I have participated in Megan Garrett-Jones’s JellyLand Cafe Takeover performance art piece.
I have written articles for The Conversation and The Philosophers’ Magazine (78 (3):10-13)

I am also involved with some organisations that promote Philosophy to those not taking degrees in it:
East Kent Philosophy Teachers’ Network
Royal Institute of Philosophy, Kent Branch